..and hello!

I’m really glad you’ve stopped by to take a look at what we get up to here at APE.

At APE we’re focussed on helping you change your life by enabling you to wake up every day and do work that brings you true joy, fulfilment and also allows you to pay the bills…after all we might like eating pizza in our pants, but put a roof over our head it aint!


APE Psychology is for you if…

  • …you feel like you are doing things that don’t fulfil you on a daily basis, like being in a job that you hate!

  • …you know that there is more to the life that you are currently living,

  • …you are NOT living to your fullest potential and are concerned at the thought of living an ‘it’s ok’ kinda life.

  • …you are fed up of the daily apathy that has set-in, where you feel like you’ve lost the motivation to keep going for your dreams….maybe you’ve even given up hope of ever doing those things that you dreamed of doing?

  • …you love psychology books and self-help, but realise that all you’ve read, attended and engaged with actually hasn’t moved you forward at all!

  • …you are worried that the dreams you’ve secretly held about what you want in life, will never be realised.

  • …you like asking the BIG questions in life, like why am I here, what am I here to do, really?….you were probably one of those kids that was always asking ‘whhhhyyyyyy!’

  • …you like a challenge and are always looking for the next thing that can improve where you are.

  • …you don’t like or need things to be sugar-coated.  In fact you prefer straight, honest communication (even when it’s not pretty).

    If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements then you are most definitely in the right place. And here’s why…

What we do at APE

APE Model is all about giving you the tools that will help you to start making real changes and steps towards your goals; but this isn’t some airy, fairy, woo-woo kind of help.

By this we mean that we are not going to focus merely on things like positive thinking or just chucking inspirational stories at you in the hope that you’ll get to where you want to be by mere osmosis.

Yes we look at things like your vision, and your goals but the we base this on a model that is underpinned by research and is delivered by a qualified Psychologist, me, Serena!

I’ve also helped literally hundreds of people to do this, so you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t just decide to do it one day because I was bored or had decided that I wanted to be an unqualified ‘self help guru’.

Why APE?

Ape Model III.jpg

It’s called APE, because the process of how you get to make this change has been broken up into 3 easy stages for you and these are Acquisition, Performance and Evolution (see what we’ve done there?).

In the work we do, I take you through this 3 stage process as we address what you need to do do truly move forward. The A.P.E model provides the roadmap for this change and has been a successful way for people to do things like:

  • Discover their true purpose and change their career

  • Start a new business and make money from their passion

  • Find out what really makes them want to get up in the morning - and feel happy to do so!

  • Figure out the things that have been stopping or blocking them from moving forward and building self confidence in their abilities

  • Finding more time for balance and play

  • Feeling happier and fulfilled on a daily basis

  • Feeling more connected with themselves and others

…but don’t take my word for it. Previous clients have said:

”My sessions with Serena have been so helpful. She is insightful, thoughtful and realistic and our work is always in the context of my real life, which I find so different to the way so many others work. Working with Serena is not always easy, be prepared to put in some hard work! She challenges your way of thinking and doing things, but always with your best interests at heart. I feel I have developed as a person through working with her, as well as developing my business and personal life. Our work has been invaluable” .

ALI BAKER / Pilates teacher & studio owner

**CLICK HERE to be taken to an interview with Ali**

“She is very good at drilling down to the core of an issue without being the least bit judgmental. We had lots of laughs along the way and I would recommend a course with her for anyone who wants to make improvements to their life”.


“When I met Serena, I had started and given up on a lot of things, courses, hobbies, friendships. I felt like a complete failure and to top it all I had just failed a course that had I passed would allow me to pursue a new career. With Serena's help, we worked on my mindset, broken spirit, family and work issues. I retook the exam and I'm now qualified and working on building up a small business”.

DENISE MARSHALL / Pilates Teacher

“Serena has helped me to understand me and my situation in more depth. Her work has helped me to structure and implement plans for developing my buisness and has helped me through some dark days personally!”

PHIL MOCK / Business Owner

For more examples of the the work you can get involved in as well as client videos please CLICK HERE to be taken to the APE Youtube channel.