APE Module Psychology can help you to unlock what’s stopping you from moving forward and gives you a roadmap to build the life of your dreams.

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“Serena is a genius!.

..she has such a positive outlook and every session I attended left me buzzing with ideas”

Grace Heathfield - client

Do you wake up every day wishing that you were doing something else?

Maybe you harbour dreams of a different life but you just don’t know how to make it happen.

Whether you have no idea about what you’d like to do, or if you have the seed of an idea in mind,

I can help you to bring that idea to life by teaching you how to unlock your purpose, set strategic goals,

and ultimately take real steps towards your dream life.

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Hi I’m Serena the founder of APE..

Working with me is a transformational experience.

I’ve now helped hundreds of people to change their life by strategically shifting into a career or business they truly love.

On this website I share with you lots of resources about how I did it, how my clients have done it and how you can do it too.

Ultimately, I know you can do this, so get stuck in and see what’s here for you by way of information, resources and a whole lot of inspiration!

*There’s quite a bit, so get settled and get a cuppa!..

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Earn a living doing something that brings you joy…and pays the bills.



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Finally figure out your life…

…and have your days look and feel how you really want them to

(which may or may not include lying in with your dog!).

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