What is a Coaching Package?

I offer a 3 month Coaching Package on a very limited basis.

This literally is what it says on the tin. You get access to me for 3 months which equates to 12 hours of time. This can be done via Skype/Facetime or it can happen in-person in my Nottingham office.

You get to use the hours up as you like. In this case though, I usually suggest a longer session (between 2-4 hours for your first one**), the remaining hours can be taken as and when you need them across the 3 months.

Who is it for?

People who choose the 3 month package usually feel like they need a bit more in the way of on-going guidance as they put in practices to help them make a change.

A 3 month approach allows you to take things a little more at your own speed, though obviously you will be encouraged to meet markers and deadlines we set together as part of the process.

What can I hope to get from the Coaching?

Any Coaching process relies on you doing the work. However people typically report that they:

  • Have more clarity about what they want to be doing with their life.

  • Have been able to generate ideas around what career they would like or business they would like to set up

  • Have a clear idea of what skills or gifts should remain a passion project vs something they do for income

  • Are able to figure out their next tangible steps to achieving their desired change

  • Many clients while working together go part-time in their current role, or are able to set a realistic plan to go part-time/leave their job**

  • Find more harmony and balance across the board (changing one aspect of your life has a funny way of doing that!).

  • Find that they feel more invigorated in their life than they have for a long time….this comes from finally having a plan that feels genuinely exciting!

How does it work?

Similar to the 1 Day Intensive, once you book I send you a series of pre-session questionnaires and tasks and get you to complete these before we start work.

You typically have your first session within 3 weeks of booking. Sessions themselves can be anywhere between 1-4 hours (see ** below re booking your initial session as a half day meet-up).

Sessions can be conducted in-person in Nottingham, or by Skype or FaceTime. All sessions must be taken within 3 months of your initial consultation.

The Investment

The full cost of 12 hours of individualised Coaching over 3 months is £1500.00.

*This can be paid for in instalments though must state this at the time of wanting to book*

How do I book?

If you would like to book your day all you need to do is to CLICK HERE to be taken to a booking form stating in the subject line ‘3 month Coaching’. I will then get back to you with details of payment and the options of dates for your day.

**Some people choose to have a first longer session of 4 hours which works out as a half day session. For an additional fee you can choose to have this in a setting of your choice which we discuss when you book**