1 Day Intensive

A truly transformative day that will leave buzzing with ideas, raring to go, and with a roadmap for your next steps.

How would it feel to have someone sit with you for an entire day and help you figure out your next steps to achieving your dream life?

That’s what I do in a 1 day Intensive.


A 1 day Intensive begins for you when you make the booking.

After I receive your booking, I send to you a series of pre-session questionnaires. I also get you to complete a series of tasks for me that get the ball rolling towards your desired change. This usually occurs at least 3 weeks before we meet.

By the time we meet for the day, we have both been working on your change! I am already familiar with your life, desires and have pre-planned the work to do, and you are already in the frame of mind and have done the prep to get started.

The day will give you:

  • A clear idea of the options open to you - e.g. a career move or business proposition

  • A clear idea of how you are going to achieve it

  • A list of inspiring and realistic goals to get you to where you want to be

  • A realistic and time-bound strategy for achieving your goals

  • A belly full of inspiration and ideas that you are now ready to get off the ground

What happens on the day

We will meet in a mutually convenient place which is usually a hotel/meeting space near to your home.

I will pre-book a meeting room for private use for the day and you will be provided with drinks throughout the day as well as lunch.

The day is entirely tailored to you and what you wish to achieve.

What happens after?

You will receive a follow up report which outlines what we addressed and your tailored planned action. Your report will also outline the agreed plan to take you forward and details regarding your strategy. You will also typically receive a reading list to accompany your plan.

As part of your package you also receive an hour follow up conversation to check in with where you are at in terms of your plan.

This meeting is conducted by Skype or FaceTime and must be taken within 3 months of your initial consultation.

The Investment

The full cost of the 7 hour day, inclusive of room booking with food and drinks throughout, 1/2 day preparation, follow-up report and follow up 1 hour session is £1300.00*

*This can be paid for in instalments though must state this at the time of wanting to book*

How do I book?

If you would like to book your day all you need to do is to CLICK HERE to be taken to a booking form stating in the subject line ‘1 Day Intensive’. I will then get back to you with details of payment and the options of dates for your day.